Learning the techniques of renal denervation

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Renal denervation has been shown to safely reduce sympathetic nerve activity and blood pressure in patients with resistant hypertension. During this “Learning…” session, you will receive a critical overview of the key information on the current catheter-based renal sympathetic denervation devices.

Christian Ukena, who is facilitating the session with Felix Mahfoud, Atul Pathak, and Thomas Zeller, said: “Hypertension is the leading cause of death worldwide. Despite the availability of safe and effective antihypertensive drugs, control rates of patients with hypertension are low. At present, numerous interventional devices with different properties for managing resistant hypertension are now available or are being investigated in trials. Therefore, an overview on the current devices concerning their interventional features and clinical data is needed.”

He added that several questions about renal denervation remained, including understanding which procedural details during the ablation are important, what the parameters of treatment success are, what the advantages and disadvantages of the different devices are, and what the differences are concerning the safety and efficacy of the different devices.

This “Learning…” session will provide information on these questions by giving you a critical overview of the catheter-based renal denervation devices available. There will also be a “Live ina- box” case presentation; “Live in-a-box” presentations are recorded LIVE demonstrations and their aim is to emphasise the key educational messages of a specific topic (so in this session, renal denervation).

C.Ukena said you should attend this session to learn how to perform a safe and effective procedure with the different devices, learn the tips of tricks of negotiating difficult anatomy, understand the different properties of CE marked devices, and be informed about upcoming future devices.

The media driver for the session is Leonardo Misuraca.

Thursday 23rd - Theatre Havane - 09.45-11.45


Learning the techniques of renal denervation