PCR Tokyo Valves

PCR Tokyo Valves

7–9 April 2017

Tokyo, Japan


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Bringing the global standard of TAVI to Valve Teams in Japan, Asia and beyond

PCR Tokyo Valves

PCR Tokyo Valves is the educational meeting for interventional practitioners interested in and committed to percutaneous valve interventions. Drawing equally on the PCR expertise in building patient-centred educational Courses and on the strong scientific prowess of the Japanese and Asian interventional communities, PCR Tokyo Valves aims to benefit all Valve Teams in the Asian region and the patients they serve.

TAVI procedures are becoming increasingly prevalent in the region but most data available today focuses on Western patients. Because it will shine a light on Asian patients, who present specific medical challenges, the Course is a unique opportunity for practitioners to enter a global conversation. Generating ideas, new studies and activity related to Asian patients will produce much-needed data, leading to future advances in the field for physicians all over.

The remarkable skill level in Japan, especially in performing TAVI procedures, and the great number of interventional practitioners in the country make it the right place in Asia to let this PCR initiative blossom.

PCR Tokyo Valves 2017

Join this TAVI-focused Course from 7–9 April 2017 in Tokyo! An educational meeting for interventional practitioners interested in percutaneous valve intervention. 

What to expect?

Understanding the expansion of transcatheter valve therapies in Asia is not just a question of knowledge, experience and technique, but also the cultural, economic and anatomical differences that are specific to the region. Learn why as P. MacCarthy from the UK with K. Hayashida from Japan, H-L Kao of Taiwan, and K. K. Yeo from Singapore discuss current Asian practice. Are there different complications facing Asian specialists? Is there a specific appeal among Asian patients to the non-invasive approach? What is the status of non-invasive mitral interventions? Learn the answers to these and other questions and learn how PCR Tokyo Valves is expanding to become the Asian forum in this field

This year also include LIVE demonstrations from Singapore.

Course Directors

  • Jean Fajadet
  • Kentaro Hayashida
  • Marie-Claude Morice
  • Shigeru Saito


The Board of Course directors are expanding - the additional Course Directors will be announced shortly for the PCR Tokyo Valves 2017 course edition.

Call for Science

Submit your best abstracts and clinical cases by Saturday 31 December 2016 to be part of the 2017 Programme and present during the Course in Tokyo (7–9 April 2017).

Course structure 2017

The course structure (Programme at a Glance) to consult the hours of the sessions, LIVE demonstrations, Learning sessions and exhibition will be available shortly.

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