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  • Name: G. Kaluza

My lectures

BMS and durable polymer DES – biology of restenosis, stent thrombosis and neo-atherosclerosis Fellows Course Krakow 2013
Pathogenesis and mechanisms of atherosclerosis, restenosis and stent thrombosis – from bench to bed Fellows Course Krakow 2012
How to start a clinical trial/registry – tips and tricks (EU and US regulations) Fellows Course Krakow 2011
How to prepare a good poster and oral presentation Fellows Course Krakow 2010
Pathology and mechanisms of artherosclerotic disease, restenosis and thrombosis - state-of-the-art-lecture Fellows Course Krakow 2010
Evidence-Based Medicine: Registries vs. Randomized Trials vs. Meta-Analyses Fellows Course Krakow 2009
Pathology of Atherosclerosis and Restenosis: An Integrated Histology-Imaging Approach Fellows Course Krakow 2009
New multilayered technology EuroPCR 2009
Porcine models of coronary atherosclerosis and vulnerable plaque for imaging and interventional research EuroPCR 2009
Development of a novel sirolimus eluting pro-healing stent: an optical coherence tomography-histology correlation study in the porcine coronary model EuroPCR 2009
Endomyocardial Biopsy: Optimal Technique and Current Indications Fellows Course Krakow 2008
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