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Latest comments
amedeo Ferro • Nov 28, 2015 • 7:00 pm

Nice images! Interestingly the EES did much worse than the PES! May be the underlying plaque at the time of the first PCI differed among the two segments.

about "Stent failure due to simultaneous aggressive neoatherosclerosis of first- and current-generation drug-eluting stents"

amedeo Ferro • Nov 28, 2015 • 6:38 pm

Interesting case, but during the first PCI
1) Why no IVUS?
2) Why no postdilation with NC 4.5 (LM is seldom less than 4.5mm)?
3) Why no NC at all?

about "Subacute left main coronary stent thrombosis secondary to a large calcium spicule that produced stent malapposition: OCT and IVUS findings"

DANUT LICA • Nov 22, 2015 • 11:22 am

Foarte interesant cazul.Posibil o eroare in expandarea maxima si reabsorbtie a stentului.

about "A very late thrombosis in a bioresorbable vascular scaffold"

Serge Bryleuski • Nov 17, 2015 • 6:14 pm
Ihab Daoud • Nov 5, 2015 • 4:35 pm

Very interesting case. Let me have your opinion in the need of a patient with aorta-bi-iliac endovascular stent who needs PCI. Is Impella 2.5 feasible in its delivery via femoral route?
Thank you
Ihab Daoud

about "How should I treat a significant and inoperable left main coronary atherosclerotic disease (LMCAD) in the setting of a severely depressed left ventricular systolic function and severe aorto-iliac atherosclerotic disease?"

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