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Maik J. Grundeken

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First report on free expansion simulations of a dedicated bifurcation stent mounted on a stepped balloon

EuroIntervention 2015;10:e1-e3 published online e-article March 2015

Published in Volume 10 Number 11, March 2015

Initial experience and clinical evaluation of the Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffold (BVS) in real-world practice: the AMC Single Centre Real World PCI Registry

EuroIntervention 2015;10:1160-1168 published online ahead of print August 2014

Published in Volume 10 Number 10, February 2015

One-year clinical outcomes of the STENTYS Self-ApposingĀ® coronary stent in patients presenting with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: results from the APPOSITION III registry

EuroIntervention 2015;10-online publish-ahead-of-print February 2015

Published ahead of print on February 17, 2015

Treatment of coronary bifurcation lesions with the Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffold in combination with the Tryton dedicated coronary bifurcation stent: evaluation using two- and three-dimensional optical coherence tomography

EuroIntervention 2014;10-online publish-ahead-of-print August 2014

Published ahead of print on August 29, 2014

Six-month and one-year clinical outcomes after placement of a dedicated coronary bifurcation stent: a patient-level pooled analysis of eight registry studies

EuroIntervention 2013;9:195-203

Published in Volume 9 Number 2, June 2013

Why the provisional single-stent approach is not always the right strategy; arguments for the development of dedicated bifurcation devices

EuroIntervention 2012;7:1249-1253

Published in Volume 7 Number 11, March 2012