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Thanks to the expo contributors

We would like to thank the many contributors who have provided the material exposed on our gallery. Besides the sponsors of the Exposition, we would like to acknowledge the following individuals:

Rafael Beyar, Raoul Bonan, Tassilo Bonzel, Maurice Buchbinder, Burt Cohen, Antonio Colombo, Bernard de Bruyne, Gabriela Donat, Pim de Feijter,Ted Feldman, Philippe Gaspard, German Society of Cardiology Archives, Martine Gilard, Johannes Grüntzig, Michaela Grüntzig, Richard Heuser, Jacques Koolen, Ferdinand Kiemeneij, Spencer King, Charlie Larsen, James Leiter, Jim Margolis, Kathleen Marshall, Bernhard Meier, Marie-Angele Morel, Marie Claude Morice, Christoph Naber , Eizo Nishimura, Julio Palmaz, Gus Pichard, Nico Pijls, Gary Roubin, Chiyo Rowe, Barry Rutherford, Maria Schlumpf, Patrick Serruys, Ulrich Sigwart, Carl Simpson, John Simpson,  Richard Schatz, Ron Solar, Richard Stack, Marko Turina, Berry van Gelder, Eduard van Hagen, Holly Whitin, Ray Williams, Sharlynn Willingham, Paul Yock,

and any others who may surprise us with things this week! We would also like to thank Philips Medical and Medtronic for providing material and images on display.