How to become an Andreas Grüntzig in the 21st century

EuroIntervention Journal

The contributions of Andreas Grüntzig to modern medicine are huge, though it may be argued that serendipity accounted for a significant part of his success. He came to Zürich to be a disciple of Robert Hegglin, an internist. Hegglin died shortly after Grüntzig’s arrival, obliging him to find a substitute tutor in the person of Alfred Bollinger, an angiologist, whose diagnostic skills he quickly acquired.

As a step still further, Grüntzig then became intrigued by the fact that unblocking arteries appeared to be conceptually simple. Charles Dotter had already shown how to dilate peripheral arteries with incremental catheters and Dotter must have given balloons a thought. However, it was Grüntzig who happened to run into a plastics expert who knew how to make a functioning dilatation balloon. Find out more ...

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