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What is it to become an octogenarian 40 years after the first angioplasty?

EuroIntervention Journal

In 1985, four pioneers, Charles Dotter, Melvin Judkins, Mason Sones, and Andreas Grüntzig died in the same year. They have probably opened a wonderful diagnostic and interventional suite together in heaven.

Andreas Grüntzig died on 27 October 1985. He and his wife Margaret Ann died in the crash of their twin-engined plane (Beechcraft Baron) in Forsyth, Georgia, USA, during a flight back from St. Simons Island to Atlanta. The pilot, Andreas Grüntzig, was probably caught by a storm coming from Mexico. I was told that he was flying it alone without a co-pilot for the very first time in his twin-engined plane and, like Icarus (from Greek mythology) flying high in the sky, he burned his wings “made of feather glued by wax” that melted in the sunshine... Andreas Grüntzig died young (46 years old) and, as many other famous people such as James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, John Kennedy or Bob Kennedy, he will remain in our memory as young, handsome, charismatic and iconic. Find out more ...

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