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Andreas Gruentzig’s second teaching course

Image courtesy of Maria Schlumpf

One year after the first PTCA, Andreas Grüntzig conducted the first live demonstration course, to share his experience. The first courses were held in Zurich and then at Emory University in Atlanta.

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Andreas Gruentzig’s second teaching course in Zurich 1980. Recognize anyone?

Andreas Gruntzig1, Maria Schlumpf2, Mason Sones3, Charles Dotter4, Melvin Judkins5, Hans Peter Krayenbuhl6, Richard Myler7, Simon Sterzer8, Gerald Dorros9, Eduardo Sousa10, Jim Margolis11, David Williams12, Bernard Valeix13, Bernard Meier14, Charlotta Gruntzig15

Extract from The Book - "The history of coronary angioplasty" by Philippe Gaspard and Holly Within

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Video of first courses

Courtesy of Angioplasty.org

Andreas Gruentzig not only invented coronary angioplasty; he also invented the live demonstration course. Only months after performing the first PTCA, Gruentzig began welcoming visitors to Zurich.

These pioneers included Richard Myler, John Simpson, Simon Stertzer, Jean Marco, Spencer King and many others. At the last Zurich course in 1980, before he moved to Emory in Atlanta, Gruentzig also invited Charles Dotter, Mason Sones, and Melvin Judkins.

The video below includes home movies of that historical event, filmed by Gruentzig and his assistants.

First courses

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