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Pioneering Spirit

The first generation of pioneers has inspired thousands of interventional cardiologists and new technology platforms. Discover the pioneering spirit through inspirational quotes and thoughts.

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“It sounded so crazy, so insane that I had to go and see his dog poster presentation.”


“Andreas was determined to do something great and extraordinary in his life. It took some of this determination to make it happen because there was a lot of criticism.”


"Andreas’s invention and shepherding created a sense of 'all things are possible’ among a whole generation of cardiologists who were encouraged and inspired to invent."


“To take an idea like that and have it percolate out of a vast sea of ideas…it takes somebody with vision.”


“The community was international. Andreas’s enthusiasm, charm and love of people made this community grow and stick together…so we were colleagues. It was a scientific and intellectual challenge we were possessed with.”


“One of the most important things in the 1980’s was the ability to try out our ideas quickly. I was always amazed by the speed with which ACS would bring me new prototypes. Sometimes I would get them back in as little as two weeks. This enabled us to evolve and iterate new balloon catheter generations efficiently and to improve clinical outcomes.”

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Courtesy of Angioplasty.org

What is a “pioneer?” In an inspirational video, various pioneers in the field of interventional procedures, discuss breakthroughs, the characteristics of a “pioneer” that are necessary to make an idea a reality, and some thoughts on how Gruentzig and others accomplished this.

This first generation of pioneers have inspired many thousands of interventionalists. We will also hear from some of these “descendants” who became pioneers in their own right.

Pioneering spirit video: 40 Years in angioplasty