Indirect Educational Sponsorship

The new Code of Ethics regulates interactions between industries, Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations (ex: learned societies, conference organisers, associations, et al.). It prevents improper perceptions regarding funding support and/or various actions taken by industries in the context of third-party organised events. Concretely:

  • The Code aims at reinforcing the independence of said events by offering an indirect sponsorship scheme to support the invitation of Healthcare Professionals
  • Europa Group is equipped to receive Educational Allowances from Industry Partners
  • Practitioners keep their MyPCR account up-to-date to maximise their chances of being selected for an Educational Allowance

MedTech Europe and its other regional counterparts are proactive with this self-regulation in creating a safe environment that protects all stakeholders from inadequate relationships.

The new regulation is coming into force on 1 January 2018.