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Indirect Educational Sponsorship

The new MedTech Europe Code of Ethics, echoed by regional counterparts (APACMed, Mecomed), has come into force since 1st January 2018. Set to regulate interactions between industries, Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations (ex: learned societies, conference organisers, associations, et al.), this Code prevents improper perceptions regarding funding support and/or various actions taken by industries in the context of third-party organised events. Concretely:

  • In accordance with the new Code, Industry partners wishing to sponsor participants attendance to educational events must comply with an indirect sponsorship scheme. Sponsorship is to be offered in the form of Educational Allowances attributed through trusted-third-parties, such as:
    • Healthcare institutions: it is highly recommended for practitioners to contact their institution in order to get further information on grant availabilities within it.
    • Europa Group/PCR, which is equipped to receive funds from Industry Partners and allocate Educational Allowances to participants. Only if and when available, participants will be notified of grant possibilities via email. Contact shall be made using the information provided by practitioners in their MyPCR accounts.

The new regulation has come into force on 1 January 2018.