Educational Allowances for practitioners

The new Code of Ethics introduced by MedTech Europe and echoed by regional counterparts (APACMed, Mecomed) is set to regulate interactions between industries and Healthcare Professionals. If you wish to access detailed information about the new Code, you might refer to the Ethical MedTech platform

What does this mean for practitioners?

Industry financial support for practitioners participation in educational events such as PCR Courses is transitioning from a direct to an indirect scheme. This means that since 1st January 2018 industry sponsorship will have to be indirectly allocated in the form of Educational Allowances via trusted-third-parties.

How to comply with the indirect educational sponsorship process as a Healthcare Professional?

The New MedTech Europe Code of Ethics currently offers two solutions:

  1. Industry Partners allocate Educational Allowances to Healthcare Institutions who are responsible of pre-selecting eligible practitioners and attributing grants. What you can do:
    • Get in touch with your Healthcare Institution to find out about possibilities and modalities for accessing Educational Allowances possibilities.
  2. Industry Partners allocate Educational Allowances to MedTech Europe trusted-third parties such as Europa Group/PCR. What you can do:
    • In order to be eligible and/or be notified of potential grant attribution, practitioners must complete and keep their MyPCR profile up to date. Be sure to properly address all the required fields.
    • In specific occasions, the attribution of Educational Allowances might be carried out in the form of a Call for Applications. Selection of grantees will be based on predefined criteria (including gender, age, experience or specialty among others).
    • Submitting your work to the PCR Calls for submissions makes for an appealing profile and can contribute to strengthen your application for Educational Allowances. Yet, as the number of grants provided to PCR by Industry Partners is very limited, participants presenting their submissions cannot be automatically granted.

Create or Update your account : My PCR

By keeping your MyPCR account up-to-date you make it easier for:

  • PCR to contact you if and whenever it receives Industry funds to finance Educational Allowances
  • The Selection committee to review your profile during selection process for attribution of Educational Allowances

Create/Update your account:

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For further information on the MedTech Europe Code of Ethics please visit our dedicated FAQ.

Industry partners

Ultimately, industry partners will work hand in hand with PCR to develop their educational scheme.

Have any further inquiries on how to comply with new regulations as an Industry member? Please refer to the industry partner’s page or visit our FAQ section.