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New regulations, an opportunity for Industry Partners

Side by side we will grasp the fundamental points of the new Code of Ethics for Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, and understand how to benefit from them.

As a trusted-third-party, Europa Group is fully committed to perpetuating long-term collaboration between industry partners and healthcare professionals. We are deeply involved in the matter of Educational Events for cardiovascular specialists and are willing to ensure that, as of 1st January 2018, industry partners can continue to take an active part in supporting practitioners’ attendance to our Courses.

Europa Group/PCR enjoys a long-term business relationship with the medical industry. We’ve made it our goal to put forth common endeavours for the benefice of our cardiovascular community. For assistance, we can count on a database of prominent specialists as well as an extensive list of potential HCP guest members.

Today, Europa Group is one of the first HCOs/PCOs (Healthcare Organisations / Professional Conference Organisers) to be recognised as a MedTech Trusted Partner.

Two pilot projects were conducted in compliance with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethics at EuroPCR 2017 and PCR London Valves 2017, and lead to a global satisfaction rate of 98%.

Please feel free to connect with us. If you are a practitioner or an industry partner: we provide you with solution-oriented information and offer guidance along the way.

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For further information on the MedTech Europe Code of Ethics please visit our FAQ page dedicated to our Industrial Partners.