What is APACMed?

New Code of Ethical Conduct for Asia-Pacific

APACMed is the main representative for all key stakeholders surrounding the medical technology industry in Asia-Pacific. Its prime objective is to promote the importance of innovation and the value of transparency in every collaborative interaction.

The Code concerns you especially if:

  • you are a physician / nurse / allied professional wishing to join AsiaPCR
  • you are a physician / nurse / allied professional wishing to join PCR Tokyo Valves
  • an industry partner willing to support delegate / faculty attendance. Get in touch with us!

WARNING! APACMed evolves on 1st January 2018

As of January 2018, and in line with the APACMed Code of Ethical Conduct , educational grants are awarded to practitioners through a renewed sponsorship process.

As the association explains: “The revisions to the Code are an important step to align the APACMed Code with international best practices which preserve and enhance the independence of HCPs’ decision-making.

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What does the new APACMed regulation say?

APACMed’s initiative to improve transparency in relations between HCPs (Healthcare Professionals), HCOs (Health Care Organisations) and industries, is consistent with MedTech Europe’s newest Code of Ethics: regulations on both sides were designed to provide the highest ethical standards to collaborative interaction between industrial partners and HCPs, specifically as regards educational events. APACMed officially recognises Europa Group as a trusted third-party to rely on in the process of organising educational events.

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APACMed Asia-Pacific officially recognises Europa Group as a compliant, trusted-third party to rely on in the process of organising educational events.

* For further information please visit APACMed’s official website

A revamped process for attendance

Up until now, companies would provide direct sponsorship to HCPs for their attendance at third-party organised educational events. Considerable efforts are being made to frame effectively and support interactions between Industry Partners and Healthcare Professionals (HCP).

Starting January 2018, companies will allocate educational allowances to HCOs/PCOs (Professional Conference Organisers as well as medical institutions) instead. The latter will then carry out a pre-selection process and attribute these allowances to HCPs accordingly.

Are you interested in participating at AsiaPCR/SingLIVE 2018? Learn more about APACMed on this matter and take action as a Healthcare Professional or as an Industry Partner.

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Keeping your My PCR account up to date

The pre-selection process involves completing your My PCR profile. In order to maximise your chances of being supported to attend a PCR Course, you should consider updating your account information accurately and systematically.

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