What is MedTech Europe?

Important updates about the Code of Ethics

A code for more transparency, effective 1st January 2018

A broad modification of the MedTech Europe "Code of Ethical Business Practice" is underway. This change is devised to bring further transparency to the making and handling of third-party organised educational events.

The Code concerns you especially if:

New Code of Ethics: what does it mean exactly?

The Code means transformative change in interactions between the industry and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) through third-party organised educational events. As MedTech Europe announced: "Allowances can only be provided to HCOs/PCOs but never to individuals." HCOs (Healthcare Organisation) as well as PCOs (Professional Conference Organiser) are defined as trusted third-parties.

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MedTech officially recognises Europa Group as a compliant, trusted-third party to rely on in the process of organising educational events.

Trusted third-parties will take on the responsibility for indirect sponsorship

The new regulation requires companies who sponsor HCPs to comply with it. Starting January 2018, participation in various congresses will no longer be supported via direct sponsorship. Instead:

"Industries will attribute educational allowances directly to Professional Conference Organisers and/or Healthcare Organisations."

Said HCOs and PCOs will then be responsible for participants pre-selection. Given their recognition as trusted third-parties, they receive financial support from industries. Educational allowances are systematically entrusted to them before being assigned to practitioners.

Confirmed support to medical education

Through this Code, members of MedTech Europe reassert their determination to keep on promoting continuing medical education for cardiovascular specialists worldwide. These measures have been designed to encourage the most ethical practice possible.

They’re also here to ensure the sustainability of cooperation between industries and HCPs, who are considered invaluable to carry out innovations for the benefit of the patient.

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A chance to come together

The medical technology industry is thus sending a powerful message: transparency between healthcare professionals and industries themselves is of paramount importance. Together, they will join forces to reassert the great quality and ethics of our common projects. And because patient care is worth everything, this progress towards transparent self-regulation is primordial.

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