MedTech - Educational Grant

Access to Educational Grants will change starting January 2018 in accordance with MedTech Europe evolving regulations. Here is how you can start preparing.

Evolving regulation for further transparency

The MedTech Europe “Code of Ethical Business Practice”* is currently evolving in an effort to bring further transparency to the interactions between the industry and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) or Healthcare Organisations (HCOs).

Change of invitation issuer

The new regulation no longer authorises companies to directly sponsor HCPs for their participation in third-party organised educational events, as often happened in the past.
Starting January 2018, companies will attribute educational grants directly to HCOs or PCO’s (Professional Conference Organisers). These will be responsible for participants pre-selection and will be in charge of delivering invitations.

Updating your My PCR account

Indeed, the pre-selection process will be carried out based on your profile’s information. This means that by properly updating your profile with accurate information you could be selected to benefit from an educational grant.

Don’t wait any longer, your educational need is in your own hands.

* For further information please visit MedTech Europe official website


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About MedTech:

MedTech Europe is the European trade association representing the medical technology industries.