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Case study: a calcified LAD Type III perforation

Complications - Coronary perforation

Consult this case study on a calcified LAD Type III perforation, male 79-year old patient.


  • Age
  • Chronic hypertension
  • Calcified lesion
  • Over-sized non-compliant balloon (balloon-to-artery ratio >1.2)


  • Immediate balloon tamponade
  • Double guiding catheters technique
  • 2nd generation covered-stent (good crossability) - consult Link 3
  • Urgent reversal of anticoagulation not necessary
  • Immediate and early echocardiogram

For further reading, please consult Link 3 - Choice of covered stent

Tips and Tricks

  • Careful study of lesion anatomy and avoid over-sized balloon/device (keep balloon-to-artery ratio at 1.0)
  • Keep deflated balloon within lesion or guiding catheter for immediate balloon tamponade if unexpected perforation occurs
  • Liberal use of 2nd generation covered-stent
  • Double guiding catheters technique

For further reading, please consult the Double guiding catheters technique


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