10th International Congress on Complications during Cardiovascular Intervention: Management and Prevention

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  • The ACS anti-thrombotic jungle: the survivor's guide
  • Interventional echocardiography: a rapid evolving field
  • The beauty of interventional cardiology: why did I become an interventionist?
  • The beauty of cardiac surgery: why did I become a surgeon?
  • Risk scores in interventional cardiology: Beyond SYNTAX I : SYNTAX II
  • Debate 1: Drug eluting stents: a major interventional achievement - YES: the biggest ever step forward
  • Debate 2: Ischemia driven revascularisation: the way to go - YES: fluid dynamics in the coronary circulation
  • Cardiology in Asia: the Tiger's roar
  • Cardiology in Capetown: the Lion roars
  • Cardiology at Mayo: more than 100 years of