All you need to know about antiplatelet and antithrombotic pharmacology for PCI: NSTEMI and STEMI

Chairpersons: A. Baumbach, M. Valgimigli
Session coordinator: A. Baumbach

Learning Objectives

  • To obtain a comprehensive update on this field that is relevant to your clinical practice
  • To identify the current evidence base and existing guidelines
  • To recognise the open questions that need addressing in the near future

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Conclusion
  • Issues in clinical practice: tailoring treatment to individual patients
  • Introduction
  • Background: antiplatelet and antithrombotic drugs in clinical practice
  • Clinical data: an update on landmark trial results
  • Guidelines and recommendations on NSTEMI and STEMI
  • Unresolved issues and outlook: finding the best drug combination