Expanding the indication for TAVI: who, why and when?

Operators: D. Tchétché, B. Farah
Chairpersons: P. MacCarthy, O. Wendler
Session coordinator: P. MacCarthy
Control Desks: G.G. Toth, J.A. Oreglia

Learning Objectives

  • To critically evaluate the data to support the use of TAVI in intermediate risk patients
  • To appreciate the outcomes after TAVI and surgical aortic valve replacement in intermediate risk patients
  • To identify new and more challenging patient groups who may now benefit from TAVI

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Should TAVI continue to expand into challenging patient groups?
  • Take-home message
  • Where is the evidence? A summary of the current evidence for TAVI in intermediate risk patients
  • Introduction and objectives - What do we mean by "intermediate risk"?
  • Are we moving too quickly? The question-marks that remain