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Femoro-popliteal angioplasty : could new devices improve mid-term follow-up?

Chairpersons: F. Ribichini, M. Bosiers

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  • Belgian REMEDY registry: use of bioabsorbable stents in superficial femoral artery lesions
  • The AURORAA registry: 1-year results using interwoven nitinol stents for extensive distal femoro-popliteal occlusive disease
  • Mid-term outcomes after self-expanding nitinol stent implantation for TransAtlantic inter-Society Consensus II type D lesions of the superficial fe...
  • Long-term outcomes after subintimal angioplasty with primary proximal stump stenting for chronic total femoral occlusions
  • Stenting of the popliteal artery: a single centre experience with 5-year follow-up
  • 3-year results of endovascular therapy with a new generation nitinol stent for femoro-popliteal artery lesions: insights from a single centre outco...
  • Drug-coated balloon post-stenting versus standard balloon post-stenting in the superficial femoral artery: results of the freeway stent study
  • 12-month results of the BIOLUX P-I first-in-man study comparing a paclitaxel releasing balloon catheter versus an uncoated balloon catheter in femo...