Innovating vascular restoration: paving the way for the DESolve scaffold platform

With an unrestricted educational grant from ELIXIR MEDICAL

Learning Objectives

  • To discuss long-term clinical performance of the durable polymer DESyne novolimus-eluting DES and the biodegradable polymer DESyne BD novolimus-eluting DES
  • To gain insight into the unique performance features and pre-clinical testing of Elixir's DESolve novolimus-eluting bioresorbable scaffold
  • To discuss long-term clinical follow-up using multiple imaging modalities from DESolve FIM and to discuss the impact of the primary endpoint results of the DESolve Nx multicentre pivotal clinical trial

Presentations available when logged in:

  • DESolve scaffold first-in-man clinical data
  • DESolve Nx trial first report data
  • Take-home message
  • Introduction and objectives
  • DESyne and DESyne BD clinical data
  • DESyne scaffold pre-clinical data