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Innovative stents and scaffolds

Learning Objectives

  • To become familiar with stents and scaffolds that have been developed in Asia Pacific
  • To learn about specific indications and deployment techniques for newly developed stents and scaffolds
  • To appreciate the potential of nanotechnologies for novel drug delivery systems in development

Presentations available when logged in:

  • New generation of biodegradable scaffolds: the Xinsorb scaffold - Huaan Biotech, China
  • A nano-porous polymer free DES platform for delivery of one or multiple drugs - Lepu Medical Technology, China
  • Renaissance of DES, new generation of sirolimus-eluting stent: the Firehawk Stent - Microport, China
  • A polymer-free drug-coated stent: the BioFreedom stent – Biosensors International, Singapore
  • Micro-pores for drug delivery: the Yinyi polymer-free stent - Liaoning Medical Materials, China
  • Biodegradable polymer and morphology mediated expansion: the Biomime Stent - Meril Life Sciences, India
  • A new abluminal bioabsorbable coated stent to minimise the risk and maximise efficacy: the Ultimaster Stent - Terumo, Japan
  • A biodegradable polymer-coated stent with long-term safety and efficacy: the EXCEL Stent - JWMS, China
  • Nanoparticles for drug delivery on different platforms: the NanoActive technology - Envision Scientific, India