Interactive case corner #15

Facilitators: M.W. Bergmann, Y. Kinoshita

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  • Intercoronary communication between the right coronary artery and circumflex arteries without obstructive lesion
  • Coronary hybrid revascularisation: early post-operative angiography of the left internal mammary artery - to be or not to be routinely performed?
  • Acute revascularisation for persistent refractory ventricular tachycardia
  • How to manage retrieval of filter-type distal protection device?
  • Post-PCI with DES: huge coronary aneurysm as a very late complication
  • OCT imaging of intra-stent neointimal bridge caused by semi-circumferencial dissection after drug-eluting dilations of in-stent restenosis of saphe...
  • Quadrification stenting