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Interventional strategies for thrombus management in STEMI

Session coordinators: W. Wijns, M. Degertekin
Chairpersons: S. Jolly, M. Degertekin
Panellists: A. Al Nooryani, F. Mauri

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to manage thrombus-containing lesions
  • To appreciate the potential of local pharmaco- and device-based therapies
  • To be able to use and choose customised stent designs

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Thrombus removal with manual or mechanical aspiration catheters
  • Introduction and objectives
  • The use of self-expanding stents and mesh-based stents
  • Additive strategies post-thrombectomy in primary PCI for challenging thrombi
  • Thrombus management in large vessels or vein grafts
  • The role of local drug delivery in dissolution of epicardial and microvascular thrombus
  • Take-home message