New generation DES: comparison with older DES

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  • BIOTRONIK: safety and clinical performance of the DES Orsiro in the treatment of subjects with single de novo coronary artery lesions-II (BIOFLOW-II)
  • 2-year clinical outcomes in the EVOLVE FHU trial: a randomised evaluation of a novel bioabsorbable polymer-coated, everolimus-eluting stent
  • Randomised all comer comparison of zotarolimus-eluting and sirolimus-eluting coronary stents: 5-year follow-up in the SORT OUT III trial
  • Multicentre, prospective, randomised, single blind, consecutive enrollment evaluation of the Elixir DESyneTM novolimus-eluting coronary stent syste...
  • Long-term (final) results of the XAMI trial, a multicentre randomised trial to compare first generation sirolimus-eluting stents with second genera...
  • Treatment of small vessels (<2.75mm) with two new generation DES: 1-year clinical outcomes from the COMPARE II study