Novel techniques using rotational atherectomy

Chairpersons: F. Feres, S. Lee, P.M. Ku

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  • Rotational atherectomy for stent ablation of severe recent under-expanded stent implantation
  • Successful retrieval of entrapped Rotablator burr using mother-and-child technique and scoring balloon
  • A rescue rotablation for magnetic navigation system: case report
  • Coronary chronic total occlusion disobliteration and rotational atherectomy in a TAVI patient presenting with an ACS
  • Combined laser and rotational atherectomy in the distal left main stem following high-risk NSTEMI after conventional device failure: a raser case
  • Treatment by rotational atherectomy and paclitaxel-eluting balloon of a bare metal in-stent restenosis caused by stent under-expansion on a heavy c...