Patients with resistant hypertension: novel treatments and their application in the Middle East

With an unrestricted educational grant from BOSTON SCIENTIFIC, MEDTRONIC & ST. JUDE MEDICAL

Chairpersons: J. Marco, M. Youssef
Front row panellist: S. Dagdelen

Learning Objectives

  • To better understand how to conduct a personalised step-by-step assessment of a patient presenting with 'uncontrolled' hypertension
  • To better understand which patients may be considered as optimal candidates for renal sympathetic denervation
  • To get an overview of key information on different available catheter-based renal sympathetic denervation devices

Presentations available when logged in:

  • from Boston Scientific: Vessix
  • from Medtronic: Symplicity
  • from St Jude Medical: EnligHTN
  • Take-home message