Preclinical studies of upcoming bioresorbable scaffolds

Chairpersons: P.W. Serruys, Y. Onuma
Session coordinators: P.W. Serruys, Y. Onuma

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the potential of bioresorbable scaffolds in the treatment of coronary artery disease
  • To learn the principles of biodegradation and vascular restoration in response to bioresorbable scaffolds
  • To gain insight into preclinical data of bioresorbable scaffolds

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Take-home message
  • Introduction and objectives - Why metallic DES should be replaced by bioresorbable scaffolds
  • What do we want to know from preclinical studies: a clinician's point of view (inflammation, bifurcation and strut fracture)
  • Overview of the field and summary of published animal data
  • Preclinical evaluation of a novolimus-eluting scaffold
  • Preclinical evaluation of magnesium stent
  • Preclinical evaluation of drug-eluting CD34 antibody-coated bioresorbable scaffold made of a mixed polymer
  • Preclinical evaluation of the bioresorbable scaffolds: what to be assessed and which model to be used
  • Preclinical evaluation a non drug-eluting poly-L-lactide acid scaffold with high flexibility and strength