Resuscitated cardiac arrest - Burning interventional questions

Chairpersons: P. MacCarthy, M. Noc
Session coordinator: M. Noc

Learning Objectives

  • To appreciate the growing importance of this difficult clinical problem
  • To understand when to perform immediate coronary angiography after resuscitated cardiac arrest and how to proceed with PCI
  • To master indications and methods of cooling with special emphasis on methods that can be used in the cathlab

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Role of extracorporeal circulation and assist devices
  • Introduction and objectives
  • Patients with resuscitated cardiac arrest: a growing problem - Should they enter primary PCI network?
  • Indications and benefits of immediate coronary angiography?
  • Revascularisation strategy - Scientific evidence or expert opinion only?
  • Cooling in the cathlab - For whom, when and how?
  • Take-home message