Titanium-Nitride-Oxide bio active stent: the evidence-based choice in acute coronary syndrome

With an unrestricted educational grant from Hexacath

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the treatment possibilities offered with Titanium Nitride Oxide active stents in the setting of high risk patients
  • To appreciate the specific opportunities and advantages ofTitanium Nitride Oxide active stents in terms of DAPT & safety (acute myocardial infarction, death, thrombosis)
  • To compare the clinical results of different active stents technologies

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Take-home message
  • Titan2: our daily stent
  • Siloam TiTAN2 registry: 3 years follow-up
  • The CATS-Acute myocardial infarction registry
  • International randomised controlled prospective trial comparing Titanium Nitride Oxide Bio Active stent (Titan2) with Everolimus Active Stent (Xien...