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Diabetics and complex lesions

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2014 abstract submissions

Chairpersons: F. Malik, M. Sabaté

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  • Complications and long term outcome of PCI in CTO
  • Impact of final kissing balloon inflation following single stent strategy in unprotected left main lesion
  • Evaluation of 2-year clinical outcomes from post-market trials with everolimus-eluting cobalt chromium stents in diabetics
  • Safety and clinical performance of the hybrid Orsiro DES in the treatment of subjects with single de novo coronary artery lesions-II (BIOFLOW-II) -...
  • Clinical outcomes of diabetic patients treated with bioresorbable polymer DES? Data from e-NOBORI registry
  • Feasibility of everolimus-eluting bioresorbable scaffolds in diabetics
  • Impact of strut thickness in stent implantation for small coronary artery disease: a prospective randomised trial of biolimus-eluting stent versus...