Duration of dual antiplatelet treatment

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2014 abstract submissions

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  • Long-term follow-up of reticulated platelets levels following STEMI
  • Long-term effects of dual-antiplatelet therapy in patients with first generation DES implantation
  • Discontinuation of dual antiplatelet therapy over 12 months after ACS increases risk for adverse events in patients treated with PCI: systematic re...
  • Clinical outcomes with short-term versus standard 12-month dual antiplatelet therapy duration after DES implantation: a meta-analysis
  • Prospective multicenter registry of 6-month dual antiplatelet therapy after new generation DES implantation: ESTROFA-DAPT study
  • Impact of dual antiplatelet therapy on clinical outcomes 1 year after implantation of bioresorbable polymer DES
  • The influence of social class on the adherence to dual anti-platelet therapy post PCI and the outcomes