Germany shares its most educational cases

With the collaboration of the Working Group on Cardiovascular Interventions of the German Society of Cardiology (AGIK)

Learning Objectives

  • To learn how to manage frequent complications in the cathlab
  • To reflect on logical steps to solve difficult situations during PCI

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Stent implantation during STEMI: lost and found
  • Stent dislocation and fracture in unprotected left main in ACS
  • Perforation of a coronary artery after successful PCI with a self-expanding stent
  • Loss of a drug-eluting balloon in the left main after a successful revascularisation of a total coronary CTO
  • Successful conservative management of an annular rupture after implantation of a 23 mm TAVI valve in a high-risk surgical patient
  • Sub-acute left main coronary thrombosis after valve-in-valve TAVI
  • Lessons learned