JenaValve's TAVI systems - From transapical to transfemoral

With an unrestricted educational grant from JENAVALVE TECHNOLOGY GmbH

Learning Objectives

  • To appreciate the first experience of JenaValve's transfemoral TAVI system
  • To learn about the latest real world results of JenaValve's transapical TAVI system after more than two years on the market
  • To discuss possibilities for a potential indication expansion of TAVI

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Introduction and objectives
  • JenaValve’s transfemoral TAVI system
  • JenaValve’s transfemoral TAVI system: a case presentation
  • JenaValve’s transapical TAVI system: most up-to-date clinical results
  • Can we extend the indication of TAVI? An overview of current experience
  • Take-home message