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Facilitators: T. Adriaenssens, T. Johnson

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  • Optical frequency domain imaging guidance for coronary stent implantation in comparison with intra ultrasound guidance
  • Operator assessed supportive value of stent strut segmentation and short movie loop presentation in 3D OCT imaging
  • Outcomes of everolimus-eluting stent incomplete stent apposition: a serial OCT analysis
  • Comparison between the cobalt-chromium everolimus-eluting metallic stent (EES) and platinum-chromium EES using OCT at 8-month follow-up
  • Randomised comparison of a biolimus-eluting biodegradable polymer stent and a sirolimus-eluting durable polymer stent - Serial matched analysis by OCT
  • L/H ratio predicts the rate of uncovered stent strut evaluated by OCT
  • Side branch healing patterns of a dedicated coronary bifurcation stent: a one-year OCT follow-up study
  • Neointimal maturity after bioresorbable polymer-based sirolimus eluting and permanent polymer-based everolimus eluting stents implantation assessed...