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Facilitators: E. Stabile, D. Tresukosol

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  • Setting-up a multidisciplinary program of carotid artery stenting in a community hospital
  • Long-term major cardiovascular adverse event in 3,106 carotid artery interventions: implications from national population-based cohort study in Taiwan
  • Safety and feasibility of carotid artery stenting using proximal protection method with a reversal flow of internal carotid artery
  • Black-blood magnetic resonance imaging could indicate the stability of the plaque and help us to perform carotid artery stenting more safely
  • OCT using saline infusion during percutaneous peripheral vascular intervention
  • Hypogastric stent-grafts for iliac side branched devices: long-term results of self expanding vs ballon-expandable stent-grafts
  • Safety and effectiveness of a balloon expandable stent system for the treatment of iliac occlusive disease: 9-month outcomes of the VISIBILITY ilia...
  • One stage stenting of both iliac arteries for bilateral ostial-proximal common iliac arteries stenosis or occlusions