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  • Protocol for the Objective Randomised Blinded Investigation of optimal medical Therapy versus Angioplasty in stable angina (ORBITA) trial
  • Overlapping implantation of Resolute zotarolimus-eluting stents: long-term outcomes from the RESOLUTE global clinical program
  • Safety update and long-term clinical outcomes from all studies in the global RESOLUTE clinical programme
  • Subgroup analysis of subjects with complex B2/C lesions from the BIOFLOW-III all-comers registry with the Orsiro hybrid DES
  • Two-year clinical outcomes of the ultimaster DES: results of the Century study
  • Three-year clinical outcomes in the primary stenting of totally occluded native coronary arteries III (PRISON III): randomised trial comparing siro...
  • Clinical and angiographic experience with a novel thin strut cobalt chromium carbon coated stent