TAVI Imaging before, during and at follow-up: a comprehensive discussion

Chairpersons: N. Piazza, J.L. Zamorano
React@PCR moderator: W. Davies

Learning Objectives

  • To have a comprehensive understanding of the roles of contemporary imaging modalities in patient selection, procedural guidance and follow-up of patients undergoing TAVI and mitral interventions
  • To gain hands-on experience using different vendors' image analysis software to evaluate a variety of valve image datasets and make measurements pertinent to structural interventions

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Is different pre-procedural imaging required for different valve types and access routes?
  • How to perform and analyse a pre TAVI computed tomography study
  • Peri TAVI Imaging – Is TOE required and how to get the best out of Echo and Fluoro
  • Is there a need for co-registration imaging (Computed tomography and Magnetic resonance imaging) for TAVI?
  • Echo follow-up of TAVI patients; are they different to AVR, including how to assess paravalvular leak?