Transcatheter treatment of ischaemic heart failure: the Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement (LIVE) procedure using the Revivent myocardial anchoring system

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Chairperson: H. Sievert


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Learning Objectives

  • To learn about the indications, imaging requirements and benefits of the LIVE procedure for ischaemic heart failure patients
  • To understand where the LIVE procedure fits within the treatment continuum for heart failure patients based on the phase I and II clinical results
  • To understand the differences between Revivent and Revivent-TC, when to utilise each procedure, and how to initiate a programme in your institution

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Introduction and objectives
  • Less invasive ventricular enhancement: the LIVE procedure, technology and techniques
  • Revivent/Revivent-TC: clinical results to date
  • Clinical case reports - identifying the ideal patient candidate for the LIVE procedure
  • Take-home message