Addressing key questions on renal denervation with the SPYRAL HTN global clinical trial programme

With an educational grant from MEDTRONIC

Chairperson: F. Mahfoud
Co-chairperson: K. Rocha-Singh

Learning Objectives

  • To explore the new Medtronic SPYRAL HTN global clinical trial programme strategy and design
  • To understand the impact of variable adherence to complex drug therapy regimens on clinical trial outcomes
  • To appreciate the relationship between absolute pressure drop and cardiovascular risk reduction across the spectrum of comorbidities within the uncontrolled hypertensive population
  • To uncover new histological insights into the anatomical distribution of the renal nerves

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Addressing the confounding effect of dynamic drug therapy adherence in clinical trial design
  • Understanding the optimal target population for catheter-based renal sympathetic denervation: how does blood pressure reduction translate to cardio...
  • Anatomical optimisation and introduction to the SPYRAL HTN global clinical trial programme
  • Session evaluation and key learnings