Characterising anatomical features of bifurcation lesions: are they an aid in strategy selection?

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2015 abstract submissions

Chairperson: P. Smits
Panellists: F. Prati, Y. Zhang

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  • Peri-procedural myocardial injury and predictors of small side-branch occlusion in coronary bifurcation intervention
  • Influences of vessel curve and bifurcation around plaque on the plaque progression and rupture risk in coronary artery diseases
  • How bifurcation angle impacts the fate of side branch after main vessel stenting: a retrospective analysis of 1,200 consecutive bifurcation lesions...
  • Impact of side-branch remodeling in coronary bifurcation lesion on clinical outcome of provisional stenting
  • An angiographic tool for risk prediction of side-branch occlusion in coronary bifurcation intervention: the Resolve score system