DES, bare-metal or bioactive stent: which stent to use to treat ACS patients? OPTIMAX the third way (third-generation bioactive stent)

With an unrestricted educational grant from HEXACATH

Learning Objectives

  • To evaluate the clinical results of the third titanium-nitride-oxide bioactive stent Titan Optimax in ACS patients
  • To appreciate the current clinical programme of bioactive stents compared with the best performing DES in ACS patients
  • To understand the impact of the new ESC Guidelines on DAPT treatment and on the choice of stents types in ACS patients

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • TIDE-ACS trial: randomised comparison of a new generation bioactive stent versus a new generation DES in ACS patients
  • How to combine early healing and short-term DAPT? The Optimax first-in-man and OCT trial
  • Are all stents equal for ACS patients? The new ESC recommendations position
  • The TITAN-AMI multicentre registry: final result at 12-month follow-up
  • Session evaluation and key learnings