Drug-coated devices for femoropopliteal interventions

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2015 abstract submissions

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  • Drug-coated balloon angioplasty versus conventional angioplasty for the treatment of the superficial femoral artery and first popliteal segment in...
  • How to ameliorate the disappointing - 1-year results of bioabsorbable stents in superficial femoral artery lesions: Belgian REMEDY registry
  • Clinical outcome of DES implantation for small superficial femoral artery lesions as compared to bare-metal stent
  • Randomised clinical trial favors the use of drug-coated balloons over plain balloons for the post-dilatation of nitinol stents in the superficial f...
  • The distal femoropopliteal vessel diametre measured by IVUS is predictor of stent restenosis