Imaging for valve interventions: what do we need & when?

Chairpersons: B. Prendergast, R. Rosenhek
React@PCR moderator: I. Atmowihardjo

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the complementary role of different Imaging techniques in aortic & mitral valve interventions
  • To appreciate the limitations of Imaging during TAVI with conscious sedation
  • To learn more about emerging Imaging technologies for use in the catheter laboratory

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Imaging for TAVI with conscious sedation : which modalities are essential?
  • Imaging for TAVI : what are the incremental benefits of TOE?
  • Imaging for TAVI : annular alignment & optimal prosthesis positioning
  • Imaging for Mitral intervention: effective use of TOE & CT
  • New Imaging technologies in the catheter laboratory: what are the benefits?