IndiaLive@EuroPCR - Innovative solutions in complex PCI in a complex milieu: the case of diabetes

With the collaboration of IndiaLive

Chairperson: A. Seth
Co-chairperson: E. Eeckhout
Evaluator: H. Eteiba
Operator: V.K. Bahl
Control Desk: J.A. Oreglia


Consult this LIVE session if you want to learn more about innovative solutions in complex PCI in a complex milieu in the case of diabetes during the session IndiaLive@EuroPCR at the EuroPCR 2015 Course edition.

Diabetes is a Predictor of Late loss following stenting.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand how diabetics differ in complexity of the coronary artery disease process and their PCI outcomes
  • To evaluate how newer technologies can influence the results of complex PCI in diabetics
  • To review how newer technologies and strategies on the horizon can influence outcomes in complex multivessel intervention

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives: innovative solutions for complex interventions
  • Complex PCI in diabetics: why is it different?
  • Bioresorbable scaffolds: is it ready for complex interventions in diabetics?
  • Future innovations in complex coronary interventions