Interactive Case Corner I

Session comprising selected AsiaPCR/SingLIVE 2015 clinical cases submissions

Facilitators: R. Moreno, A. Okamura

Presentations available when logged in:

  • IVUS guided PCI, stenting of left main coronary artery and percutaneaous transluminal angioplasty, stenting of right ICA with distal protection device
  • A simple stent technique for an ostial lesion of side branch: balloon crush of protruding segment of the stent in the side branch using an easily d...
  • Successful revascularisation of CTO in a left anterior descending coronary artery by rendez-vous technique
  • Advance or retreat: both difficult
  • T-TAP bifurcation stenting of left main coronary artery and stenting of distal left circumflex with IVUS
  • Win over bifurcation
  • Extravasation of distal right coronary artery due to guide wire induced perforation