Interventional hypertension treatment - Moving forward

With the collaboration of the Clinical Consensus Conference on Renal Denervation (CCC-RDN)

Learning Objectives

  • To exchange on the appropriate scientific evaluation of renal denervation in hypertensive patients
  • To be updated on the design of new clinical studies that will be launched soon
  • To discuss the current unmet needs in the field

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Renal denervation in 2015: where do we stand?
  • Considerations and consensus on treatment recommendations
  • Considerations and consensus on patient population
  • Considerations and consensus on methodology and clinical endpoints
  • Medtronic's Global Symplicity Spyral trial programme
  • St. Jude's EnligHTN programme
  • Boston Scientific's trial programme: the REINFORCE study
  • Recor's trial programme: the RADIANCE HTN study
  • Kona's trial programme: the WAVE IV clinical trial
  • Rox' HTN trial programme
  • Session evaluation and key learnings