Left atrial appendage occlusion: latest insights in patient selection, techniques and patient follow-up

With an unrestricted educational grant from ST. JUDE MEDICAL

Chairperson: H. Sievert
Co-chairperson: C. Ruiz

Learning Objectives

  • To understand which patients may benefit from left atrial appendage occlusion based on recent developments, guidelines and consensus statements
  • To learn all about implanting step-by-step left atrial appendage occlusion devices
  • To know how to start a left atrial appendage occlusion programme and how to follow implanted patients

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Which patient benefit? Insights in patient selection and stroke prevention strategies
  • How to implant the new Amplatzer amulet: a step-by-step procedure
  • Post-implant follow-up therapies: is there a logic that can be applied?