Predictors and treatment of stent and scaffolds thrombosis

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2015 abstract submissions

Chairperson: F. Burzotta
Panellists: D. Kettles, S.A. Pyxaras

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  • Clinical parameters do not predict thrombosis after implantation of bioresorbable scaffolds, but introduction of a specific implantation strategy i...
  • Comparison of predictors of stent thrombosis between first generation and second-generation DES after primary PCI
  • Predictive factors of 1-year stent thrombosis in patients with STEMI treated with titanium-nitro-oxide-coated stent implantation: insights from TIT...
  • Risk of scaffold thrombosis after bioresorbable scaffold implantation
  • The comparison between plain old balloon angioplasty versus stent implantation for stent thrombosis: the New-Tokyo registry